EVATINI offers an outstanding range of high quality luxury fashion accessories. Though we are focused on unique costume jewellery (made from very high quality materials such as special resins, Swarovski crystals, hard stones, pearls and stainless steel), we offer a "Total Look" range of accessories including fabolous purses and one-of-a-kind jewel shoes.

Creativeness is the core of each collection, which shall trigger curiosity and shall raise emotions to the Client. Especially over the crisis period that the world has been going through lately, shopping is no longer compulsive and uncontrolled, but either rational or emotional: the purchase is now a necessity or a special event.

That is why, more that ever, we aim at inspiring the interest and the surprise of our Clients. Our collections are the result of continuous research of new materials, which we shape through new techniques and skills.

Starting from the world of jewelry, we have extending our scope throughout all the accessories of a "Total Look": our collections are easy to wear, both “relaxed” and amusing, for an original and careful woman.

Every season we have been introducing different themes and ideas though our collections, to please the wide range of our Clients and capture the attention of our new ones.